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Today Chrome Metal is typically used in stainless steel, titanium alloys, speciality alloys, weld rods as well as a strengthening agent for aluminium alloys. Chrome Metal is also used as coatings, plating’s and largely within the electronic industry.

Chrome Metal is also mainly used as Super Alloy products and therefore plays a big role within the power generation -, oil and gas -, automotive -, process chemical -, pollution control -, petrochemical as well as medical prostheses.

Chrome is widely used as an alloying agent added to steel and alloys to improve their corrosion and heat resistance. Decrease of grain size, enhancement of hardenability, increase of strength and hardness, little impact on oxidation resistance at high temperatures and substantial increase of strength at high temperatures – these are all effects  when adding chrome to steel.

Polymetcore’s Chrome Metal and Low Carbon Ferrochrome is delivered from the Group’s Kluchevsky Ferroalloy Plant situated in Russia.