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The products Polymetcore offers are of high quality and therefore have become of great interest on the market. The commodities are from Yildirim Group's other subsidiaries.

Yilmaden Holding is the largest marketable hard lumpy Chrome Ore producer in the world. Yilmaden Holding is also the second largest high quality High Carbon Ferrochrome producer as well as number 4 in the global chromium industry. The company exports currently to more than 50 countries and that is where Polymetcore steps into participating in the Chrome Ore, High - and Low Carbon Ferrochrome, Chrome Metal as well as Metcoke and Coal sales.

Through the 7 mining and metal companies in 6 countries Yilmaden Holding holds an astonishing production capacity of 2.5 million tons of consolidated annual Chrome Ore production. The mining and metals sector has also proudly earned the title as the second largest High Carbon Ferrochrome producer in the entire world.

Polymetcore’s commodities are mainly used by stainless steel producers in the health -, medical - and construction industries. All activities in Polymetcore and the subsidiaries of Yildirim Group are carried out with global ethical values and responsibilities.