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High Carbon Ferrochrome (HC FeCr) is used in both stainless - and special steel as well as alloy steel production. High Carbon Ferrochrome is usually exported to the most industrially developed countries in Europe as well as India, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand. The global demand for Ferrochrome are heavily dependent on the stainless - and speciality steel industries. Around 72% of global Ferrochrome production is used to produce stainless steel. 

Yildirim Group has proudly earned the title as the second largest High Quality High Carbon Ferrochrome producer in the world. The subsidiary of Eti Krom is currently the only High Carbon Ferrochrome producer in Turkey. Also, when it comes to High Carbon Ferrochrome, the subsidiary, Tikhvin Ferroalloy is the largest producer in the entire Russia, exceeding 30% of the country’s total production.

Yilmaden Holding has all in all 12 Ferrochrome furnaces in Eti Krom, Vargön Alloys and Tikhvin, 4 furnaces in each.