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In 2017 Yildirim Group updated its sustainability strategy and based it on three main pillars being: the customers, the employees as well as the business model. 

The Customers are naturally an important part of the sustainability model because by understanding the customers and their needs the companies of the Group can provide unconditional customer satisfaction. The Employees of the Group are an important model of the sustainability in a sense that all employees have superior competencies in their fields and value consistent development and have respect towards the environment and community. By applying state- of - the - art technology and digital enhancement, which are the central part of the Business Model, Yildirim Group makes sure this becomes a part of the sustainability strategy. 

The past years more efforts in the companies R&D department has been made in order to maintain the zero waste production as well as improvements within the quality control. In the third quarter of 2018 the installation of Eti Krom’s Waste Recycling Pilot Plant was finished. 


Initial work for the establishment of the Research and Development Centre in Eti krom was carried out in 2018. The aim is to further develop the mining engineering and metallurgy know-how at Eti Krom, Voskhod Chrome, Vargön Alloys and Tikhvin Ferroalloys plants in the Group’s new R & D Centre.